About Dyer Associates

We are a training and consulting firm specializing in the practical application of project management, leadership and communications, critical thinking and mind mapping, and team work tools and techniques. We have a wide range of experience in managing projects and helping project managers apply powerful tools to help make projects successful.

Project management consulting and coaching

No matter what your industry or profession, we can help you bring your projects in on time, within budget and meeting customer expectations.

We can help you:

  • ■ apply practical project management tools that can make a difference in your project almost immediately;
  • ■ clarify the real scope of your projects and discover the true customer expectations;
  • ■ work with your project team ensuring everyone’s’ participation in the responsibility for success;
  • ■ apply leadership and communication techniques that turn theory into practical practice;
  • ■ stimulate creative thinking in your teams.

Critical, high visibility projects

We specialize in practical application of tools and intervening in critical, high visibility projects in trouble. Our practical risk management processes will help put troubled projects back on track.

Critical thinking and mind mapping

We’ve taught many project managers and project teams the power of mind mapping during project planning and project risk assessment.

Classroom instruction (ILT and vILT)

We’re available to instruct courses for you on a contract basis applying years of successful experience, in both the physical and virtual classroom environments.

Got project problems? Need effective ILT or vILT instructors? Contact us today to discuss solutions.

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