Classroom Instruction

Effective classroom experience

We bring the combination of real-life experience and adult learning principles into your classroom to help your students turn theory into practical application.

Holistic project management – wide range of experience

From the application of our concept of “holistic” project management, we’ve developed the experience to instruct courses in:

  • ■ Fundamental and advanced tools and techniques of project management;
  • ■ Defining and managing project requirements;
  • ■ Project cost management;
  • ■ Project time management;
  • ■ Estimating and scheduling techniques;
  • ■ Controlling project scope, schedule and cost;
  • ■ Project team building and creative thinking skills;
  • ■ Risk management, both general and IT specific projects;
  • ■ Earned value management;
  • ■ Leadership and communications in projects;
  • ■ Negotiating for project managers;
  • ■ Project management applications and simulation.

We can train your instructors

We can also boost the level of your instructors’ effectiveness with our proven techniques of classroom management and professional instruction.

Virtual classroom too!

See Virtual Classroom Instruction for information on delivering high impact training in a virtual classroom (and how we can help you start or expand your virtual classroom programs).

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